Captain Wiki's Swashbuckling Atlas of the Far Reaches & Less-Trodden Paths of the 7 Skies

About the Atlas

This aetheric document is a collection of descriptions of the lesser-known Cloud-Islands, cultures, nations, peoples, and creatures of the World of the 7 Skies, collected from the logbooks and memoirs of Captain Froederik Wiki.

Over the years, he has added the observations and recollections of numerous other famed skysailors, pirates, and adventurers. The reason for this is simple: the World is large — no one correspondent could hope to see it all.

Perhaps, if you are one of those well-travelled sorts, you will see your way clear to adding to this archive — both for your own fame and renown, as well as to inform and entertain the reader.

Table of Contents

There are several sections to Captain Wiki's Swashbuckling Atlas:

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