Alchemical Grenadier

Alchemical Grenadier ยง

The Alchemical Grenadier Fortre is taken by the surviving remnants of the elite troopers of Lost Kroy. In the days before Kroy's destruction, they were the most feared soldiers in the skies. They wore metallic armored suits that covered their entire bodies, combined with large, tinted goggles that made them look more like some sort of giant insect or golem then living men or women. Their name came from their extensive use of alchemical grenades of all sorts, but these are not as available as they were in the day of Kroy.

Alchemical Grenadier has prerequisites of Alchemy or Koldun, and either Nationality: Kroyu or Past: Raised in a Kroyu colony or something similar.

Grenadiers are skilled in alchemy, athletics, fencing, use of fire arms and grenades, first aid, demolition and mechanics.

Most have a Foible of Loyal to the Memory of Lost Kroy, or Protect Kroyu refugees or Create a New Kroy, Secret Empire of Kroy or the like.

Example Alchemical Grenadier with some equipment:

Foible: Loyal to the Secret Empire of Kroy.
Motivation: Good[+2] Power
Nationality: Good [+2] Kroyu
Past: Good [+2] Street Gang
Swashbuckling Forte: Expert [+4] Alchemical Grenadier
Swashbuckling Techniques: Grenades, On Shipboard, Wearing Armor, Intimidate, Pistol
Forte: Good [+2] Alchemy
Forte: Good [+2] Alchemical Grenadier Armor

Temporary Gear: Expert [+4] Teleportation (Qilin) Potion
Temporary Gear: Good [+2] Gas Gernades

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