(Colronan Kingdom+Arbol blazon)

Arbol is a silver mining colony of the Colronan Kingdom.

This Minor Island is arid, boring, mountainous, and dull. The only element of value in it is the ribbon of silver ore running through its stone.

The only ships permitted access to the port here are Colronan vessels, and those skyships bearing goods of value to the miners and their overseers (mining equipment, food, medical supplies, etc.).

Jervis Themeskite, the Duke of Garmonstern, is the nominal Royal Governor of this island, but he lives far away on Colrona. His wishes (well, one hopes) are carried out by Gyorg Hardfast, Lieutenant Governor.

Travelers' Comments on Molnar

When I was in the Musketeers, a transfer to Arbol for garrision duty meant you had offended a powerful someone, just enough that they despised you — but not enough to challenge you to a duel.
Sir Alexandre Hopitini

Visit the Lusty Vulture if you're ever on Arbol. Best ale and whores (to any taste, trust me) within a score of leagues.
Garrick Farnsworthy

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