"People with the Gift of the Baku tend to be otherworldly, seeming to live their life in a daze, daydreaming or seeing things no one else does. More common long ago, their numbers have dwindled as the belief in shamanistic dreams fades. Nowadays, the blue-men in the Jungle Sky are the only ones rumored to still commonly practice the gift.

"The Gifted can sense another person's dreams, both the phantasms of the night and daydreams. If a person is not currently dreaming, the user will see flashes of their strongest dream of the night before. With work, a Gifted can see what the target wishes strongly to do or become; a read of an ambitious Barathi noble might show the her being elevated over the ruined house of her rivals, but only if this is driving goal rather than a passing fancy (unless she is currently fantasizing).

"A powerful Baku can influence dreams. Any of the previous tricks can be reversed to implant a dream, although implantation is harder than simply viewing.

"If the Baku is there when a person is sleeping (or has crafted an item to do such), he can prevent regular nightmares or other gifted (including Baku, Basilisks and Manticores) from influencing the sleeper's dreams. If the gifted prepares before going to bed, his own slumber also can be shielded.

"This gift is also related to sleep. A Baku can go for weeks without sleep or fall asleep for a predetermined amount of time. A Baku can also sleep deeply or lightly, allowing each hour of sleep to count as two or normal perception (excepting sight) to function while asleep (respectively). With effort, a person can be forced to slumber or allowed to go without sleep for a night.

"It is rumored that koldun with this gift could walk through dreams to a specific person or steal dreams (or even the ability to dream). A legend among the Sha Ku says that a powerful koldun pulled items and even people from dreams, though they faded back into nothing after a day and a night."

- from the Travel Log of Duro Xaa, The Word Dancer, as provided to Captain Froederik Wiki

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