This is a Hidden Gift (only Koldun may learn this Gift)

"The Gift of the Barghest allows a person power over the dead and undead. Some of the abilities it gives make the practitioner an accepted, if not welcomed, member of most communities. Exorcism of ghosts from places or people (including animated dead), serving as a conduit for a ghost to communicate with the living, and summoning recently dead ghosts are all possible. Most barghests are melancholy spirit mediums and exorcists. The Barghest, known as an omen of death, literally has power over those that are dead and those that straddle the threshold between life and death.

"What a barghest can do is more about what they are willing to do. His morals and social/religious beliefs are going to determine what he is capable of doing.

"A more powerful barghest with fewer moral restrictions is able to reanimate the bodies of the dead and attempt to give them commands, though this never lasts past the next sunrise. Summoning long dead ghosts and repairing once alive bodies is also possible to those with skill. Some barghests are scholars, using their gifts to speak with people long dead; others are blackmailers, calling spirits more recently deceased and forcing them to yield their secrets. In areas where people with this gift are feared, bodies are buried in secret or burned to prevent desecration.

"There are rumors of koldun that have been able to step out of their bodies for a time as though they were dead, reincarnate, and gift or curse a ghost with a body forever … but those must certainly be stories."

- from the Travel Log of Duro Xaa, The Word Dancer, as provided to Captain Froederik Wiki

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