Black Wine

Black Wine is about the most potent drink you can get in the 7 Skies, outside, of course, the rarest of Colronan Brandy (I recommend Chizhen Fields, if you have a choice). Made from the fermented fruit of the Farewail that grows like a weed on Esskay, the natives seem to drink the stuff like water. However, besides the usual effects of drink, Black Wine has the added effect of making the ingester extremely suggestible to any order given, unmindful of the consequences.

The lucky ones wake up the next day with hazy memories of one of the countless orgies that has resulted from this property.

The unlucky ones wake up with a massive hangover, their hands covered in blood, and a metallic taste in their mouths that is flavored with treason.

Traveler's Comments on Black Wine

I never touch the stuff, personally. I've heard that it's used for something far darker than relaxation on that island. Of course, that's not to say I won't stop other people from doing so. You wouldn't believe how easy negotiation becomes when your opponent says "yes" to anything you say.
"Mad Bastard" Nazor

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