Detailed information on Colrona can be found in S7S, p. 42-55.

Travelers' Comments on Colrona (in general)

While this island produces great soldiers, I cannot see for the life of me why. They are soft. Romantic. Weak-hearted and weak-minded.

It is a mystery.
Sigur Stormeye

It is a bonny land.
Captain Froederik Wiki

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Travelers' Comments on the Kingdom of Colrona


It was my pleasure and honor to serve as one of the King's Musketeers. I dream every day that Vaoz might grant me an extra two decades — no, one! — of youthful energy, so that I might serve the Crown again.
Sir Alexandre Hopitini

Barbarians. Insane gender-relations. I hope they rot.
Red Lizabek of the Songs

The Royalists are blind to certain things. Gloriously blind.
The Blue Skull

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Travelers' Comments on the Colronan Zultanate


Devilishly clever chaps.
Sir Alexandre Hopitini

While I approve of their desire for universal education and sexual equality, I am concerned that there has never been a female Zultan. (Zultana?)
"Baroness" Karlinda

The Zultanistas' aren't as stuck up as one would think. I have had many revels with those of that nationality. It just takes awhile for them to let their hair down, and be assured they will not injure their precious "honor."
Garrick Farnsworthy

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