Contributions to the Atlas

Wiki Rule Zero

If you see a link in the Atlas that goes to a non-existent page — an Island, a faction, whatever — that's not a mistake. That's a message — to you — that we want you to write that page! Captain Wiki says, "By the dog, you must add to this setting!"

Adding Material

When adding material to the Atlas, the majority of the entry should be in setting-relevant prose. It should appear to be a report or description of some element — a new animal, a new Cloud-Island, a vexing mystery — discovered and provided to Captain Wiki by another character within the World of the 7 Skies.

Methodology of Entries

Use inline additions (see Cividad Arachnos in the Barathi entry) if the addition is minor. If the addition is a major element, create a new entry.

Inline additions may become full-fledged entries of their own if they accrue enough detail.

See Wiki Syntax for how to code pages.


Cross-referencing between entries is highly encouraged.

At the very least, at the bottom of every entry, there should be something like this:

Back to [[[Relevant Subtopic]]].
Back to [[[start| main page]]] of the //Atlas//.

Game Stats & Rules

This wiki is intended to be an in-setting collection of material. The preferred site for game stats and rules is the Evil Hat Productions Wiki.

However, if you wish to add game mechanical "statblocks" for the S7S system — and S7S page references — use the blocktext style, thus:

Stat Block
Good [+2] Systemic Detail, Average [0] Reading Clarity.


Detailed information on [THING] can be found in S7S, p. XX-YY.


Open Wiki Links

If a wiki link is undefined (no page yet created for it), it is fair game: the assumption is that it was specifically left there for future contributors to build upon. If a page (including placeholder pages) has been left open for more than 24 hours without any changes, it is now fair game for additions.

Therefore, go nuts!

(Also, it is considered Good Form to leave at least one open link in your entries, for someone to fill in later.)

See also Lexicon.


Since the concept behind the Atlas is that it is composed of contributors' entries, there's a good chance that different entries could conflict with each other (or even with the published S7S setting material).

Isn't this a problem?

In a word: no.

The conceit of the Atlas is that it's all "travelers' tales" a la Sir John Mandeville. Contradiction is perfectly cool in such a case.

To paraphrase Whitman: Does the Atlas contradict itself? Very well, then, it contradicts itself! The World of the 7 Skies is vast, it contains multitudes.

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