Dead Man's Falls

"Getting out of Agua Azul? Sure, just cut across the current to Fulma Harbor, where the fog is finally thick enough to lift bluewood, navigate through the Prossor Hills, and straight east from there to the Skies. Shouldn't take you more than 7 hours, provided you have all hands on deck for navigatin' the Hills—don't want to scrape a hole in yer hull!"

"Oh, getting out *quickly*? Heh heh, trouble with the law, eh? Naw, don't tell me. Yeah, there's a faster way. Head *with* the current and you'll shoot right off the edge of the Island at Dead Man's Falls. What's that? A gold star for the skipper, he knows his geography! Yes, the fog *does* get thinner that way. And so… right! Yer ship won't actually float - at the top. But what do ye think feeds the Fog in the first place? Right, the Falls! Once ye've fallen for a pace, the fog thickens, and ye'll start floatin' again - with the Falls poundin' down on ye, spinnin' the ship 'round like a waterwheel, like as not. Some say the Queen Mary's still there, caught in a whorl.

"…what? Ye were the one who wanted the quicker way! Shouldn't take more than half an hour, and nobody'd be daft enough to follow, to boot! Ye'll need a navigator who knows the route through the rocks at the top - did I mention the rocks at the top? - and one who knows how and when to cut out into the Fog as ye fall.

"Oh, I've done it a time or two myself; wouldn't be daft enough to do it again, though. Last time was enough for me! I heard the Queen Mary's timbers creaking in the distance, and promised myself I'd never do it again, not even if… well, never you mind."

related to a member of my crew by Jed Roseblum, Navigator, at the Barn and Swallow Tavern, Agua Azul, Crail. Other sailors in town knew of Dead Man's Falls, but none other would speak to us of navigating it.

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