Duel Interrupted

I had become embroiled in a duel with Baron Estevan Theodoreson over a woman of high birth who enjoyed both of our acquaintances. The Baron had the temerity to aver that his passion for my mistress was greater than mine! So you can see, I had no recourse than to prove my love for her upon his body with my sword.

As we were crossing blades in the courtyard behind the Church of the City of Light, one of my subordinates came up running. He called a halt to the duel, informing me that a Zultanate agent had entered the home of my mistress, and was threatening her. I, of course, begged the Baron’s pardon for delaying our mutual satisfaction due to matters of state. He concurred with a will, then offered to accompany me and my men to face the Zultanista.

I, of course, readily accepted. We ran down the streets of Chansonville to the home of our mutual friend.
Leftenant Victor Armandson, King’s Musketeer, Knight of Grande Dellaluna

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