Some of the best eating in the World comes from the oddest corners.

Here are listed some of the delicacies of the 7 Skies.

Eating-relevant Entries

Travelers' Comments on Eating

When eating Heartsblood Lobster, make sure the chef is a Barathi. They know exactly how to utilize the venom sacs to make a tasty, spicy sauce for the meat. Delicious!
Captain Froederik Wiki

Icosapus is tough, stringy eating. Avoid unless they're very young.
Garrick Farnsworthy

When on Crail, try sandfish, prepared "Southern style," at the House of Sour Kisses. You will not regret it.
"Baroness" Karlinda

When I was a child, the highlight of the Conclave feasting was fek soup, prepared in its own shell.
Sigur Stormeye

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