Empyrean Wolves

Said to roam the Mists, Empyrean Wolves are, individually, little threat. However, in a pack, they are extremely dangerous to cross.

An Empyrean Wolf is a bit of mist or cloud that has learned how to attack and consume physical targets. They appear to be nothing more than a vague and simplistic, foggy shape of a mouth and body.

They attack only those that seem weak or injured. The sages say that they draw form and substance from the blood of their victims.

Fire is the best friend of the traveler when facing Empyrean Wolves. Additionally, they avoid coming within a league of the Sky of Fire.

Travelers' Comments on Empyrean Wolves

These creatures are not real as you or I or a rock or a wolf or a tree are, nor are they unreal in the way that a ghost is. They are something… else.
Red Lizabek of the Songs

It is said that if you nail a stalk of celery to the belly mast, it will repel Empyrean Wolves.
Garrick Farnsworthy

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