She looked at me, but it was not fear in her eyes, it was anger. Anger at someone in her private chambers.

I felt the witch attempt to use her sorcery upon me, upon my mind. But Vaoz has blessed me with the Gift of the Griffin, and her mind-twisting had no effect.

I grinned, and doffed my hat, before I spoke.

“My lady, you are Baroness Izolda Lorendar, widow of Baron Karlo Karloson, and the effective ruler of this town of Chansonville. You traveled into the Zultanate last autumn on pilgrimage to the Great Cathedral; on your return through Orbatz, your agents delivered unto you a book, which you will return to me now.” I replaced my hat. “You are also a koldun, and your powers have no effect on me.” That is when I drew my blade.

Anger fled her eyes, replaced by fear. Finally.

Sandman Rahimat

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