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Captain Froederik Wiki has sailed the 7 Skies for thirty years, man and boy, and has seen more than many island lubbers credit could be possible. To that end, he has begun compiling his personal notes from his extensive voyages, and soliciting other well-travelled adventurers to contribute their own recollections of their experiences exploring the nooks and crannies of the World.

"The World is large, and full of Wonder and Weirdness!" the Captain is fond of saying, usually over a mug of spiced rum.

The Captain is a hearty man in his mid-fifties, small but solid. Born on Colrona, he nevertheless considers himself a "citizen of the World." He is still renowned as one of the best skysailors on the major trade routes. His longest command was of the skyship Sophia, a sky-junk of unusual size.

An above-average swordsman, he has held his own in many boarding actions — though one has left a nasty scar running from scalp to chin on the left side of his face. Also, he lost his right eye during the Triosa Incident.

He is balding, and somewhat ashamed of it. Other flaws include a fondness for drink, immoderate volume of voice, and excessive honesty.

Late in his career, he faced the young and inexperienced pirate known as The Blue Skull. After a long and drawn out battle in the Sky, Wiki emerged as the victor.

Captain Wiki currently resides on Barathi, in the great city of Cividad Arachnos, with his wife and three children.

Captain Wiki's Contributions to the Atlas

Travelers' Comments on Captain Wiki

Wiki is a fool.
Red Lizabek of the Songs

The Captain is exploring intriguing areas with this Atlas.
Sigur Stormeye

Froeddy could use more fencing practice.
Sir Alexandre Hopitini

A true gentleman.
"Baroness" Karlinda

Solid skysailor, excellent captain. I served with him for four years, and have no complaints.
Garrick Farnsworthy

Captain Wiki taught me much about sky-war. A devil in combat, a mind of incredible absorption, a skysailor of skill, a noble adversary. He is a devilish opponent, and you would do well to avoid his ship… Or you will answer to me.
The Blue Skull

The Captain is a great man: he taught me about all sorts of neat nautical stuff and made sure I knew a few bawdy tales to tell in the pubs of Crail — much to the 'fly's crews' disapproving looks.

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