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Gamesh is a sizable Island, mostly wild, in the Widder Low layer of the Dome of the Heavens, located between Sha Ka Ruq and Barathi. Breadfruit, cocoanuts, bananas, and mangos are plentiful here. Most of Gamesh's animal life is reptilian: skinks, Komodo Dragons, and cobras.

The native Gameshi exist in a highly-stratified caste system: Priests, Warriors, Hunters, Craftsmen, and Gatherers. They are ruled by a King.

They are known for being bellicose, and also for being some of the best knife-fighters in the World.

Interestingly, only the Priest caste is permitted to wield swords. The Warrior caste can only use knives, and the Hunters carry bow and spear.

Their religion is predominently of the Pre-Church Survival type, focusing on health and healing.

Detailed information on Ancient Survivals can be found in S7S, p. 101.

Travelers' Comments on Gamesh

A tropical paradise, though fraught with dangers. Be warned.
Captain Froederik Wiki

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