Heartsblood Lobster

Heartsblood Lobsters haunt the seas of Barathi, especually in the northern seas of that Island.

A large, intelligent invertebrate with a deep, rich crimson exoskeleton and eight jointed legs (the foremost pair bearing wicked claws) tentacles, they lurk in the shallows. They are venemous lobsters, which is unusual in the World — their claws each bear a stinger, which delivers a dose of their toxic venom.

They usually feed upon fish and smaller crustaceans.

Heartsblood Lobster Venom

The venom of the heartsblood lobster is injected into the creature's victims by one or both of the beast's claw-stinger. The venom somehow "waits" in the victim's bloodstream until it reaches the heart, whereupon it begins to clot very rapidly. The clotting effect spreads rapidly throughout the victim's body; death then ensues. The heartsblood lobster then feeds upon the corpse.

This venom can be harvested by knowledgable sorts, and used in typical Barathi skullduggery. Indeed, it is one of the favored poisons of the Imperial Spiders.

Travelers' Comments on Heartsblood Lobsters

Many alchemists and koldun consider the venom of the Barathi heartsblood lobster to be a materia mystica representing "stagnation." […] I, however, am not one of them.
Red Lizabek of the Songs

All I know is that these crawlies are good eating. The venom adds spice!
Captain Froederik Wiki

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