Jalizza Root

Jalizza Root is found only on the minor Island of Turotana.

After the plant is harvested, the root is removed from the stem and leaves. These latter are thrown away or fed to livestock. The roots themselves are well-rinsed, then placed in a hot oven to dry completely, then they are ground into powder.

This powder, when mixed with water, creates a deliciously sweet, somewhat stimulating drink known as jalizza. Jalizza is much-beloved of the Viridese, who import tons of the stuff every year.

Travelers' Comments on Jalizza Root

The wise adventure trader makes time to take a cargo of Jalizza Root to Viridia, every so often.
Captain Froederik Wiki

What most people do not know is that if jalizza is allowed to steep in contact with gold (usually, in a golden cup) for roughly an hour, it becomes a powerful narcotic.
"Baroness" Karlinda

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