Some are good. Most are bad. But there are often uncomfortable truths found in the jokes that skysailors make. Here is a selection of the humour found in the 7 Skies.


What do you call a Barathi House with no spies?

A mausoleum.


Colronan Royalist

How many Royalists does it take to saddle a horse?

Three. Two to duel over the honor of saddling, and one to write a song about it.


What's the most common bird seen on Crail?

The "Crooked Falcon"


How many Ilwuzi pirates does it take to saddle a horse?

You'll have to ask the Pirate King about that!

Sha Ka Ruq

Skysailor 1: I heard that ya' can drive the Ruqs away with just a loaf of bread. Wheat is poison to 'em!
Skysailor 2: Oh yeah, an' how do ya' figure that?
Skysailor 1: Ever hear a Ruq ask for a cracker?

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