"Baroness" Karlinda

A decade ago, "Baroness" Karlinda arrived on Crail, in the Great City of Azul Agua. None can say for sure from whence she came — rumor tags her as a disgraced Zultanista Houzi, a minor noble of the Sha-Ku, and even a former Ilwuzi pirate queen.

This mystery woman claimed only two things about herself: 1) she had the Colronan rank of Baroness; and 2) that she was a widow in mourning. (As of this date, she is still in mourning.)

What is known is that at the gaming tables of the City, over the course of a single year, she turned her moderate fortune into an immense one.

Since then, the Baroness has continued to play at cards, dice, the wheel, the shang-tai, adventure trading, various proposition bets, and other more discreet hazards… and she almost always wins (and profits).

She is a handsome woman of middle years, with dusky skin, raven-black hair, and a commanding presence. She takes no lovers (that are known), pleading unassailable devotion to her mysterious lost husband.

Karlinda's Contributions to the Atlas

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