Kitsune are lucky people. Fortune generally favors them and they show up at some of the most unusual and opportune times. Many who have the Gift of the Kitsune see themselves as agents of Vaoz or a similar karmic role. Many are only ever known as lucky or blessed and are never known to be Gifted. As a result this gift is not as widely known as maybe it should be. Kitsune can changes in fate and luck (such as those made by other kitsune and thunderbirds) and are able to identify others with these gifts.

Those who possess the Gift of the Kitsune are frequently daredevils by nature simply because when things get dicey, the kitsune get lucky.

Kitsune willing to make an effort can bless or curse others, gifting them with a moment of good or bad luck that may change the course of events. Some have even been able to sense when others attempt to cheat or sway luck to their side (cheating at games of chance, etc.). It is rumored that the most powerful kitsune are amongst heroes and villains, helping them toward their lucky arrival, chance moment that saves the day or unlucky martyrdom.

Blessings and Curses are equivalent to "Good Form" in that they provide a "Style Die" to another person. In the case of both, it applies to the next roll that character (the target) makes. Curses have the opposite effect of a Style Die, causing the Curse Die to be used if it is lower than the standard dice (superseding Style Dice).

- from the Travel Log of Duro Xaa, The Word Dancer, as provided to Captain Froederik Wiki

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