Livia Petro is a Scion of the Barathi Noble House of Petro of high rank and wealth. Tall, thin, with sharp features, brown eyes, and long black hair (usually worn in a single braid), she is a striking individual.

She is an adept Avokato, the unique Barathi lawyer-cum-matchmaker, skilled in the planning, negotiating, writing, analysis, and arguing of the Barathi legal instruments called "morgani contracts" and the proprieties of vendetta.

Livia fled the Cloud-Island of Barathi a few years back back to avoid an arranged marriage — she has radical beliefs and strange ideas for a Barathi — things like that men can be doctors, women can be merchants, and (gasp!) one should marry for love, not because of politically/financially arranged marriages. She can be rather… strident in her defense of these ideas.

She's knocked around the World since then; in this process, she has become a good fencer and is well able to defend herself. She deeply loves a Viridese Warmaster named Sigur Stormeye. (They have a child together, but this is not widely known.) She often accompanies him, and his companions, on wild adventures in the farthest reaches of the 7 Skies.

Travelers' Comments on Livia Petro

She does not deserve him!
"Baroness" Karlinda

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