Red Lizabek of the Songs

Red Lizabek of the Songs is a Barathi koldun. While it is known that she was born of a Noble House (but which particular House is unclear), she turned her back upon Barathi politics to pursue her mystical studies. She is a handsome woman in her mid-forties, tall and statuesque, with vibrant red hair and refined Barathi features.

Her epithet ("of the Songs") reflects the odd attraction that she has for muscians, minstrels, and bards… and, eerily, that such individuals have for her. The only common thread amongst her numerous lovers — male and female — is that they all were musicians of notable talent. Herself, Red Lizabek is an accomplished musician, skilled in playing the flute, guitar, harpsicord, and (operatic, Barathi) singing.

It is known for a fact that she possesses, at least, the Gifts of the Pegasus and the Dragon, as well as the very rare Gift of the Siren.

She is also known for her vast knowledge of alchemical matters. Indeed, she has trained the last four Imperial Alchemists. However, she has not as yet taken an apprentice to learn her koldun arts.

She maintains a humble residence on the Isla del Krova, in the southwestern seas of Barathi.

Red Lizabek's Contributions to the Atlas

Travelers' Comments on Red Lizabek of the Songs

I hold the lady in high esteem. Alas, the sentiment is not reciprocated.
Captain Froederik Wiki

Dangerous. I like that.
Sigur Stormeye

A fine lady, of foreign manners and mien.
Sir Alexandre Hopitini

Frankly, she's a bitch. But she's the kind of bitch I enjoy spending time with. No mysteries, no secrets: when Lizabek makes a decision about you, you know what it is.
"Baroness" Karlinda

Three words: Stuck. Up. Bint.
Garrick Farnsworthy

I will destroy her, one day.
The Blue Skull

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