Arts Martial

The ability to take the fight to one's enemies (and defend oneself from an enemy's assault) is a key one for those who travel the 7 Skies.

Here is a brief introduction to some of the more obscure aspects of the Arts Martial, detailing interesting schools of fencing, exotic weaponry, protective armor, and issues of general interest regarding warfare.


  • Berthu: A psychological style, involved with performing other, non-combat actions in the midst of a Duel.
  • Dillraz: Situational emphasis, on found objects and current environs.
  • Jakbur: Throwing weapons; catching and returning.
  • Onarik: Shifting the Duel from the purely physical into other arenas.
  • Naju: A school that emphasizes fighting supernatural threats (ghosts, koldun, etc.).
  • Radd: Specializes in fighting against (and with) animals.
  • Thorp: A school that focuses on footing in any and all situations.
  • Yorneer: Emphasizes use of a cloak.
  • Spingal: A courtly Barathi style specialising in grapples, trips, pushes & throws while using walking staves and canes.

Travelers' Comments on Fencing

Exotic Weapons

  • Duzeel: A long, thin foil with a sturdy triangular cross-section; all three edges from forte to tip are sharpened. Favored by duelists in the cities of Barathi.
  • Fong: A heavy club of wood, wrapped in layers of leather, approximately three feet in length; often adorned with trailing thongs. Favored by the Bluemen of the Jungle Sky.
  • Luurpah: A braided cord of leather, perhaps six feet long, weighted on one end by a blade (often a full-tang dagger sans hilt) and on the other with a wicked, two- or three-pronged hook. A favorite weapon of some Ilwuzi pirates.
  • Steel Feather: A sword, with a blade that slowly widens (on one side) from hilt to forte, then tapers abruptly from forte to tip.
  • Turonado: A mace-like weapon, bearing several blades and spikes pointing at random angles from the metal knob at one end. Popular everywhere.

Travelers' Comments on Weapons

  • Interestingly, only the Priest caste is permitted to wield swords on the Island of Gamesh.

Sir Alexandre Hopitini


The use of firearms and mystical Gifts, both on the formal battlefield and in informal confrontations, has tended to minimize the regular use of armor among the warriors of the World.

However, no soldier would dare take the battlefield without at least a helmet and a breastplate, even in these times. One never knows when a stray shot or bit of shrapnel may come hurtling your way. (Also see below, Warfare.)

  • Corangel: A breastplate of fine steel or wix, often embossed with figures of import to the wearer, intended to protect the vital organs of the torso.
  • En Ma Taq: A long, sleeveless coat of quilted cloth, often worn by Sha-Ku warriors.
  • Gerda: A cuir-boulli surcoat, belted tightly at the waist. Heavy and uncomfortable.
  • Mortenon: A heavy helmet of iron, with an interior lined with horsehair-stuffed leather. Cheekflaps can be deployed to further protect the face. Standard issue amongst Colronan Musketeers when they take the field.
  • Uama: A leather skullcap, often bedecked with chain- or scalemail.

Travelers' Comments on Armor


Travelers' Comments on Warfare

War is a dirty business. War: what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! (Except destroying your enemies, taking their property, and hearing the lamentations of their women).
Sigur Stormeye

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