"Minotaurs exist in a state of mystery and have an easier time understanding and concealing mysteries. The Gift of the Minotaur makes one who possesses it more difficult to "read" by others. Their emotions are not carried on their sleeve and their thoughts are their own. Minotaurs do not get lost easily. They are nearly always able to find their way back to someplace they have been before.

"A minotaur is able to make people, objects and places more or less noticeable. They do not become visible or invisible, just more or less important than something else. The difficulty is directly proportional to how noticeable or well known the person, object or place is, and may be complicated by people already looking for it.

"As mysteries can be puzzling, so too can they be frightening. The unknown is the most powerful source of fear and a skilled minotaur knows how to wield it like a weapon. They become skilled at creating fear of an unknown or little-known concept, place, person or thing and that fear causes people to avoid, run screaming from or even attack the source of their newfound fear.

"For a minotaur that cannot control his emotions, his darker emotions cause him to become confused and potentially disoriented, while his lighter emotions cause him to become incredibly curious about any unknown that immediately presents itself."

- from the Travel Log of Duro Xaa, The Word Dancer, as provided to Captain Froederik Wiki

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