Monsieur Skar

Monsieur Skar, Sadistic Master of Fence (Villain)
Foible: Cruel
Motivation: Good [+2] Humiliate Opponents in Duels
Nationality: Good [+2] Colronan
Past: Good [+2] Aristocrat (Knight)
Swashbuckling Forte: Expert [+4] Duellist (Skar Style)
Other Fortes: Good [+2] Gift: Merhorse, Good [+2] Repartee
Techniques: (Duellist) Idiom: Flashy, Manoeuvre: Dirty Tricks, Situation: Before an Audience, Weapon: Duel Weapons, Weapon: Rapier
Style Dice: 3
Training Points: 0
Miscellany: Operating a small fencing academy in the manor house of Baron Ligier Javierson of Eratzu, Monsieur Skar is a lithe Colronan who wears an immaculate black goatee. While Skar does teach his own distinct style of fencing, the school is expensive and many students fail to ‘make the grade’ and quit before completing the course.

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