Nalsa Motu

Once known as the Diva of the Ruq, Nalsa Motu was a Gifted of the Siren respected among the Sha-ku not only for the fame of her singing, but by her song's ability to tame even the wildest of ruqs and forge rivers through barren lands. Those few that supported her still say that she was headed to become the next Cynosure before she retired from the public eye. No one knows the cause of her sudden retreat, but many suspect it has something to do with the current Cynosure, Mei Moro, as Nalsa has since started a personal war against Mei, pirating the ships of her allies, using her powers of the Siren to throw them into any of the innumerable hazards of the 7 Skies.

These days, it's good to leave her alone as best you can. It's said that, in her despair, her power has grown so great that it was by her song alone that the Great Coryx Reef came into existence around the island of Sha Ka Ruq, making the skies around it some of most treacherous to navigate.

Traveler's Comments on Nalsa Motu

Always have a ship's cat when you're setting port in Sha Ka Ruq, I say. Even if it's an utterly useless coward, you can always trade it's guts to her for the right to harvest the reef.
"Mad Bastard" Nazor

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