Porto Fino

Porto Fino is a small Island in the Deasil Low layer of the Dome of the Heavens, located a few days' travel from Sha Ka Ruq and fairly close to the Sky of Fire. Porto Fino is a Royalist Colronan military colony based around the fort of El Morro used to keep tabs on Sha Ka Ruq and as a staging ground for Colronan claims to anything emerging from the Blue.

Its population is made up of Colronan Royalist colonists (a mixture of newly arrived and well established citizens), soldiers and merchants, all centered around the city of Porto Fino, the largest settlement on the cloud island. There is a small tribe of Sha Ku somewhere in the rain forest of Monte Yukiyú with whom the colonists have the occasional encounter as well.

Travelers' Comments on Porto Fino

Porto Fino is a small slice of tropical heaven gifted to Colrona by Vaoz.
— Vicar Ignacio Mickson of the Cathedral of Porto Fino

Don't those blasted frogs ever shut up?!
— Countless travelers to Porto Fino, in reference to the native coqui's incessant "coqui, coqui" song all through the night.

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