Radu S Microraptor

Radu's Microraptor, also known as the lesser spotted chicken lizard, thesaurus, or the dread lizard (alchemically known as Microraptorus radui).

A small squirrel-sized lizard, known for its curious disposition and love of dried meats, especially beef jerky. Originally described by Joey Ulkara of the Ebon Dragonfly in one of his many letters to his uncle — the noted viridese astronomer, Ilrik Ukara. He named the lizard for a supposed link to the Dread Pirate Radu himself.

Incredibly intelligent and curious, the lizard (like its mythological brethren the dragons) are fond of little trinkets stolen from the stashes of various crew.

The one known member of this species is currently travelling as a pet on board the Barathi trading vessel, the the Ebon Dragonfly. Here, it serves as the ship's cat, and is a well loved addition to the crew.

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