Religious Texts & Practices

Church Rituals

  • The Church's Largesse: If a parish priest is a brewer or vintner, once a year, they are expected to offer the beverages they produce as a sacrifice to Vaoz. This means, of course, free beer and wine to their parishoners. The relevant ritual enacted as these kegs are offered is named the Bounty of Vaoz. Many people look forward to this ritual.
  • The Ritual of Chang: This complex ritual is said to protect the recipient from malicious mystical attack through the intercession of the Shielding Arms of Vaoz.
  • The Ritual of Ignazio: A meditative practice, the Ritual of Ignazio is said to allow the victims of maleficent curses or hexes a measure of respite from their travails. The ritual is simple: 28 days of isolation, required prayers at required times of the day, no vegetables that are not green, no meat that is red, no drink but water. Most of the time, this ritual can shake the effects of cursing or hexing.

Heathen Practices

  • The natives of Gamesh adhere to a pre-Church survival religion, though they treat Church Priests with respect. (Interestingly, only the Priest caste on Gamesh is permitted to wield swords.)
  • A heresy popular among the Minor Islands is that of the Devil of Dishonor. The belief runs such that there is an opposed deity to Vaoz. Where Vaoz represents Honor, the Devil represents Dishonor. Vaoz controls the sun angels, while the Devil controls the demons of the dark. The Church does not support this belief; it engenders a duotheism rather than the orthodox monotheism.

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