This small tri-hulled skyship is known mainly for its unusual rigging and speed, though a close inspection will find many of her helm fittings to be crafted of Wix. Her figurehead, a maiden riding a Qilin stallion, striding upon roiling clouds, was said to have been carved by Clockminder himself. Where normal navigation aids might rest by the helm is a wix stand said to have been crafted to house the Skydome Rutter.

While newly flying under a Crail standard, she was built on Ilwuz and briefly served the Brethren of the Skull as a scout and raider before it's capture. It has seen use as a trader, courier, and was once reported to have served delivering a small cadre of Falcons for an assault on a pirate cutter.

While in his cups at the Cock and Bull, her skipper Deligur Durand boasted he found a way to rig her in a certain fashion to make her resemble nothing more than a cloud [outside musket range], and hinted also that she had more secrets to reveal if only he could find her confounded Koldun-crafted Rutter.

Persistent rumours indicate the Brethren of the Skull are keen to reacquire Runespringer, giving her a reputation as a berth most skysailors would want to avoid.

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