Sha Ka Ruq

Detailed information on Sha Ka Ruq can be found in S7S, p. 71-77.


Travelers' Comments on Sha Ka Ruq

While heretics, there is something of the Truth of Vaoz in their beliefs.

Bugger me if I know what it is, specifically, though.
Sandman Cadi of the West Tribes, Sandman

We are a cultured society… more cultured than some, it would seem.
Dainkana the Swift Dagger Dana, Sha-Ku Aristocrat

Savages, the lot of them. However — they buy our goods, especially those taken as booty. It balances out, I think.
Garrick Farnsworthy

Other Sha Ka Ruq-relevant Entries


Detailed information on tzushen can be found in S7S, p. 73.

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