Shagreen Satchel

While finishing up the final compilation of his notes for the Atlas, Captain Wiki was prone to taking late night rambles around the region of Viridia in which he was residing at the time. One night, he arrived at his rented cottage to find this Shagreen Satchel hanging from his door handle. A note (written in skittering Old Barathi script) attached to the satchel read: "For the Atlas."

The Captain has no idea who delivered this bag and its contents to him.

The satchel itself is composed of a rough grey-blue leather, abrasive to the touch — probably skyshark skin. Its volume is greater than one would expect for a bag its size… this is what made the Captain have a Merhorse of his acquaintance examine it; that worthy did confirm that the satchel is indeed kolduncraft.

The contents of the satchel are a bunch of flotsam and jetsam, including:

  • The Tiny Feather Stick.
  • Fifteen pages, annotated in green ink, from Francisco Verrera's Alchemical Libations for Education & Entertainment.
  • The skull of a cat, painted with odd runes of black paint.
  • Fifteen coins of copper, seemingly of Kroyu minting, strangely corroded.
  • A Map of the World, but with many of the Islands' elevations marked incorrectly.
  • A doll made of hailbee wax, stuck through with seventeen red pins.
  • A sketch of a fierce-looking man, bear-like, mustachioed, holding two pistols aimed directly at the viewer. (The barrels of the pistols seem to smoke.)
  • Three seashells from species living in the western seas of Barathi.
  • A cube of a mysterious purple substance, somewhat like rubber or gelatin, yielding and cool to the touch.
  • A silver horseshoe.
  • An ivory-handled pocketknife, with coded glyphs upon the handle.
  • A smoking pouch, containing the best Old Pfanzig kelp, with additional pockets that hold a small pipe of Zultanista craftsmanship and a case of alchemical matches.
  • Six bullets, all inscribed with individuals' names in the Church syllabary.
  • A red wig, curly.
  • A mirror that will not show the holder's reflection.
  • An emerald the size of a grain of rice.
  • A dried, withered human heart, wrapped in a bloodstained sheet of parchment. The parchment reads (in the Royalist dialect): "This has always been yours. So take it."
  • A shopping list, seemingly for a fancy dinner party.

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