Shipwrights Of Tarn

A long standing guild of Kolduns who own and maintain the shipyard on the island of Tarn since the island was discovered. They continue to train to train apprentices in the manner set up by the original Kroy colonists, though their library was damaged in the Colronan Occupation. In addition to Kolduns (who run the 'guild') they also number & train alchemists & carpenters who serve the organisation.

The destruction of duzha mines on Tarn caused the Shipwrights to formally join the Koldun Fraternity, an action that was previously resisted.

Most anyone is allowed to commission provided they can pay, though both the Kingdom & the Sultanate of Colrona are blacklisted, and anyone suspected of being a member of the Church has their projects delayed indefinatly; though the Shipwrights adamantly deny. They often joke that there is normally at least one alchemist or carpenter on the project. It is hardly their fault they can only spare a single unGifted craftsman for those jobs at a time.

Notable Quotes

"Still makes the finest Skyships that can be found in Widder High, if not all the Skies!" Thrice Scarred Johnny

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