Sigur Stormeye

Sigur Stormeye is a Virdiese Warmaster and Corsair who possesses the Gift of the Griffin. He eschews swords or other weapons for a pair of gigantic cesti (gauntlets that cover his hands and arms up to the elbow) composed of wix.

He is a known radical on Viridia. Sigur does not believe in "might is right" but rather "might for right". To further display his disdain for Viridese cultural imperatives, he clips his (red) hair extremely short, and shaves off his facial hair. He is kind of ugly, with a squinty eye.

All that being said, Sigur is noble, loyal, sweet, and interesting, with a great sense of humor. Though a real hellion in a fight (between his Warmaster skills, special weapons, and mystical Gift of the Griffin), Sigur prefers to avoid conflict… until it starts — then he is all-in.

He deeply loves a Barathi noblewoman named Livia Petro. (They have a child together, but this is not widely known.)

He and two of his allies (Ujen, a Sha-Ku Koldun) and Vellingdon (an ex-patriate Colronan Royalist) travel the 7 Skies, getting into crazy adventures.

Sigur's Contributions to the Atlas

Travelers' Comments on Sigur Stormeye

Keep on his good side..
Captain Froederik Wiki

Red Lizabek of the Songs

I have never met the gentleman.
Sir Alexandre Hopitini

Ach, to tear this doughty away from his skinny Barathi paramour! He haunts my dreams, more often than not.
"Baroness" Karlinda

Never go against Stormeye. You'll pay. In spades. I saw it happen. Dear Vaoz, I wish I could forget.
Garrick Farnsworthy

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