Sphynx are the consumate experts. They tend toward scholarly and mystery seeking personalities whether they become a koldun or not. Those with the Gift of the Sphynx have an uncanny ability to see interpersonal connections between people. With greater skill they are able to see the nature of those connections, noticing how people relate to and view each other. While some use these connections to organize and motivate people to greater heights, other sow discord, anger and chaos between people. Barathi who have this gift are like a kid in a candy store.

When they want to, they exhude an aura of command and knowledge. Many are those who unwittingly accede to their wishes, assume they are in charge and take their answers at face value, when it is all far from the truth.

The gift that impresses the populace the most, though, is knowledge. A sphynx can find a bit of knowledge, no matter how hidden as long as someone living knows it. Naturally, if no one knows the knowledge, the sphynx gets nothing. This does not allow knowledge of the future, only the past and present. The danger of this ability is how the sphynx gets this information. A sphynx searches the web of relations until the information is found. Such a search pulls on the web and tangles it slightly, making further searches harder and harder. An even larger danger is the possibility that another person's emotions may attach to the bit of information, the gifted may end up unable to tell which are her feelings and which are the alien ones.

NOTE: Optionally, the tangling of the web rule can also apply to the perception of social connections (especially if reducing that aspect of the gift in power is preferred.

Sphynx does not get along with manticore. No koldun has been known to learn both.

- from the Travel Log of Duro Xaa, The Word Dancer, as provided to Captain Froederik Wiki

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