Students Of The Skies

The Students of the Skies Society is a community of Alchemists and Scholars dedicated to amassing a knowledge of the Natural Philosophy of the Skies. In essence their task is to apply the Seven Laws of Alchemical Philosophy to cataloguing the whole of the flora & fauna of the skies, the phenomena, incidentia & alchemica they encounter and through diligence and discernment discover the directing phenomena at work, and to share this wealth of information with their brothers in the Society. More wealthy Patrons of the SSS have sponsored the construction of schools for more gifted students to study and to store the increasing libraries of scholarly volumes the SSS produce. The most active of the Society's patrons, Markiz Valis Tracciatore recently financed a series expeditions to Kroyu ruins to retrieve the great wisdoms of Kroy that have been lost to humankind.

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