It is located in the Widder High, between Sha Ka Ruq and Barathi and south of both the Equators.

What Tarn is Like

It can be hard to tell, at first glance, whether Tarn is a farming community becoming an urban town, or a ruined city over taken by plant life. Truth be told, even some of the inhabitants have trouble telling.
Aside from the archaic settlement, there is only Trader's Bay and the mountain range called the Rocky Ridges that otherwise circles the island.

Tarn History in Brief

A former Kroyian Colony that was invaded the Colronan Kingdom a few hundred years ago. This resulted in a great deal of destruction as the people of the island did not accept this change quietly. In particular the alchemists fought back rather hard…until their blast power stockpile went up in smoke and took them with it.

The damage was extensive enough that the rocky island fractured. While still whole, it was now rather unstable, to the point the earth shook in the high winds. This lowered the value of the colony there enough that the Kroydu stopped supporting the resistance. Ironically, the Kingdom also pulled back as it was no longer a prize worth taking.

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