"To one with the Gift of the Tengu, plants are their friend. Plants do not impede their way when they walk and they intuitively know where plants are in their immediate vicinity. Tengu have no difficulty with balance when walking on a wooden or plant covered surface, even if it is only a ships railing. Use of this gift allows the movement of branches, vines and leaves to aid the tengu, cover passage or waylay pursuers.

"Encouraging plants to grow faster or slower, flower or go dormant are all within the easy grasp of them. With more effort, more permanent and complicated shapings can be managed. Instantaneous growth (e.g. seed to grown plant while you watch) takes a strong mystical effort.

"Sha Ku with Gift of the Tengu are prized for their ability to more intricately shape tym and bluewood. This gift has proved to be less common elsewhere and as such is not well known, but tengu are going to be well liked if they have any skill in shaping wood for use in skyship parts.

"A tengu who cannot control their emotions can cause uncontrolled growth in plants with positive emotions, wilting and browning in plants as a response to negative emotions."

- from the Travel Log of Duro Xaa, The Word Dancer, as provided to Captain Froederik Wiki

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