the Varlok Fek

On Viridia, a monstrous creature known as "the Varlok Fek" is said to haunt the highlands near Moonhammer Freehold. It is said to be hundreds of feet tall, with strange powers:

  • Suddenly appears and disappears (Gift of the Qilin? Or some sort of invisibility?);
  • Gigantic size (50’ to 275’ tall);
  • Extremely resilient to damage and super-strong (Gift of the Griffin?); and
  • Can blast fire from its eyes (Gift of the Dragon?).

Believers in the Varlok Fek say that it caused the destruction of Valiantjan Freehold rather than the wildfires in the aftermath of the Great Quake of four years ago.

Popular opinion among the wise of the World on the Varlok Fek comes down into three groups:

  1. Just a myth or hoax.
  2. A normal Viridese fek, made monstrous by alchemical or koldun experimentation.
  3. An archkoldun, using the Gift of the Chimera, who has gone mad.

Information on the Varlok Fek can be adapted from an ASMP product titled The Turtlezilla Dossier.

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